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Pan-A-Sol Urinal & Porcelain Cleaner

Pan-A-Sol Urinal & Porcelain Cleaner WC-63693

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WC-21623-12 In Stock


PAN-A-SOL Cling Bowl Urinal & Porcelain Cleaner, clings to surfaces, cleans and deodorizes, 10.46% HCl

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- Mild enough for drinking fountains, bathtubs, shower stalls, and sinks.
- Safe in fixtures of stainless steel, chrome, and brass.
- Strong enough for toilet bowls and urinals.
- Pleasantly perfumed fragrance makes it non-offensive and easy to use.
- Removes iron stains, calcium deposits, soap scum, all hard water stains.
- A plastic dispenser comes on every quart.